Friday, April 15, 2011

Lessons in Speaking Donegal.

he's sound = he's a good guy
how's the form? = how are you? (hangover implication, perhaps?)
how's you's? = how are you?
good craic = good fun
up the road. down the road = the direction you live
just outside of dublin = everywhere in ireland is just outside of dublin
full = drunk
five singles = exchange a 5 euro note for 5 one euro coins. not like 5 single dollar bills.
no bother = no problem.
wild = very
dead = very
aye = yeah
dead on = great
grand = great
going with = dating
courting = dating
good on ya = thanks
wee = a bit
fair play = i think it means thanks
oh, bollocks = damnit
it's shite = it's garbage
flat out = spent, tired
I'm on about = I'm talking about
you're 100% = you're fine, but thank you, or you're correct
ending a sentence with "like"

Things that sound alike:
Shauna and Donagh
Guinness and Tennents
Connecticut and Canada be continued

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Muckish Mountain, Co. Donegal

Muckish Mountain from Killahoey. 
Snow in Ireland?

Mum's Favourite View

Dad snapping a shot. 

Me snapping a shot. 

Muckish in the Fog.

View from the Beach....sorta view.