Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank you 2012 for Australia. 
Thank you Australia for an amazing eleven months of uncertainty, flexibility, the sun, the anxiety, the new friends, the old friends, the laughter, lots of laughter, the promises, the expectations, the disappointments, the funny accent, the support, the love, the confidence, all the travel experiences, the physical pain, the indecisiveness, the opportunities, the options, the learning experiences, teaching me to grow up, facing fears, overcoming fears (mostly of spiders), the beach-perfect curls, the gracious hospitality, for penguins, the lasting friendships, the expensiveness, the unexpected intrusions of beauty, letting me drive on the other side of the road, the Southern Hemisphere stars,  the terrible work, for all the photographs, stories, and memories, the tan, for everything turning out the way it was meant to....
Thank you for the entire year.
Thank you for bringing me there, and thank you for bringing me home. 

For some reason, I still find myself putting myself into the same anxiety-ridden life-changing situations of moving from one place to the next, not really sure where I am heading, but thank you for preparing me for it, again and again.

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