Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A ride on the Sky Ride Ferris Wheel in Freo

Another touristy day. Even though there were cloudless blue skies, we didn't have access to a car, so I planned it around Perth essentials. My friend, let's call him Ted, had never been to Freemantle and had never even heard of the Swan Bells, despite having lived in Perth for a couple months (but to be fair, he travels for work). So we wandered around the quiet streets of Freo, ate kangaroo at Little Creatures Brewery, and then we did yet again, something I would normally not choose to pay to do. A ride on the  Sky Ride Ferris Wheel.

"Let's just check out the prices," he said as he walked up to the counter. "Two tickets please."
"Are you serious?" - me, laughing at the ridiculousness.

And yet again, another price list oddity: 1 person $12, 2 adults $20. Why, oh why, would anyone want to go on this ride alone??

 There were only two other people on the ride: a father and his young son. I suppose that's pretty standard for a Monday afternoon, if anyone were to ride it at all!
 Up and around we went. It went around twice before we stopped at the top to check out the views of Fremantle harbour, the city, and the ocean. It wasn't the best view ever, but pleasant enough.
  Then we went up and around again. And again.  And again. I suppose we got our money's worth, but even the guy managing the operational machine was laughing at us as we went around again.
Always being nosey on Facebook....check out the view Ted!

Then to the only real touristy sight of Perth, the Swan Bell Towers. 

Nice views of Perth. It's a pretty city :)

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