Wednesday, June 16, 2010

holy moly rain!

this incredibly loud heavy rain has been down-pouring all night and morning. i think we're going to drown in a flooded colorno (although, the river has flooded before in dec '09 right before we i would like to think this is "normal" northern italian summer weather but i can't stop thinking about all the environmental catastrophies and climatic changes we've been seeing around the world recently. 


it reminded me of an image i saw on a few weeks ago of a giant sink hole in guatamala city as a result of a soaking tropical storm that swept across central america. it is an unbelievably terrifying image.

watch where you walk. 

we're going to get absolutely drenched on the way to class, so we decided we might as well put on our summer dresses and go dancing in the rain. 

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