Monday, June 21, 2010

A year ago...

...we were all sitting on our deck on a clear, warm summer evening overlooking the swift current of the piscataqua. we grilled and cooked up a feast, like we always do, to celebrate dad's birthday and father's day. jess was home for summer vacation, chris and beth were up for the weekend from boston, and i was still living in portsmouth - my three months of moving in with my parents having extended to 6. summer on the seacoast was fantastic and the sunsets were always brilliant. no wonder i stayed there for so long - despite my parents complaints. 

portsmouth, our deck, father's day, 2009.

today, 6 hours ahead in italy, it hasn't stopped raining. jess has graduated from university and has moved to new york city to start an exciting new life there. my parents are also in new york - part time, sometimes. chris and beth are engaged. obie has been, ahem, "adopted." things are different. different doesn't mean bad. i can't complain for one second. but i do wish i was eating curry, my dad's favorite, with my family tonight. 
love this pic. love my parents. 

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