Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brighton Beach

 Not too far along the tram from the CBD of Melbourne you can reach the beach. Even if it's technically winter and the sky is overcast with clouds, it's still a nice walk to get your daily dose of crisp fresh sea air without crowded bathers taking up the sand and sun.

Or just gaze at the enormously nice looking houses along the coast. 
Melbourne Sky Line. 

The bathing boxes, or beach houses, along the coast are not only iconic but highly prized and sought-after. Brighton itself resides some of the most expensive residential properties in Melbourne. Even with the ginormous neighbouring homes, these little boxes are only owned by local residents and cost anywhere upwards from $200,000. They are literally just a wooden box, all the same size, with a door, maybe a window, and no running amenities like water or electricity.
Mum in front of one of the little boxes, but take note of the multi-million mansions behind her.

Apparently Eric Bana lives in Brighton...

Although there are bathing boxes along the Port Philip Bay, there are only 82 in Brighton, the closest to Melbourne's CBD, and unique to their kind.

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