Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lone Koala Sancutary: Part 1

When we decided to go to the Lone Koala Sanctuary, I was imagining an island full of trees with little koalas nestled high above, sleeping but not falling and lazily munching on the starchy leaves. If I had known it was a bit like a zoo, I don't think I would've added it to my list of things to do in Brisbane. But, the Sanctuary, like many if not most public and touristy places in Australia was well laid out, tourist friendly but not over crowded, had something exciting around every corner, and over-all a fun excursion for anyone of all ages. 
I split this day into two posts as there are just too many cuddly koala pictures not to include, but the Sanctuary had a wide range of native Australian species. The koalas could you resist not loving them! I feel bad for them being kept in captivity: there were kindergarten/bachelor/retired koalas and the pens were not very contained so I would imagine for the safety of the visitors, these animals were perhaps drugged to remain so docile - even though it is in their nature to be lazy, I have heard they could be quite vicious and ferocious....just check out those claws!

I mean, how can you not want to squeeze and cuddle this little fur ball?
*gasp* ohmygoodness.
they like to scratch. like me.
they like to nibble. on leaves. but they are very picky about freshness.
they're curious. or high.
they're alert. somewhat.
 they like to sleep. a lot.
they like to hang out. real cool.

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