Sunday, July 18, 2010

"After all, you only have one life, so you should try to make the most of it." Holes - Louis Sachar

before going on a study trip to Belgium, it is obligatory to have beer tasting classes. in the first class, we learned about the different ingredients and the general process of making beer. we tasted 7 German beers, a Pilsener from Czech Republic and a local Parma beer from Italy. our second class, started at 10am and included 3 British pale ales, 1 Scottish golden ale, 1 British IPA, 1 British porter, and 1 British stout and 1 Imperial Stout from Scotland,  and 1 Sierra Nevada from the USA. oh and a british barley wine of 11.7% ABV. my favorite was our professor's home made american pale ale. this would definitely prepare us for the breweries we would visit in Belgium. 

10 beers 10 am. no problem.

ps. i've completely forgotten how to say "obligatory" without an italian accent. ob-lig-a-tory. 
pps. i like the word "coagulation"

after class, we caught the train to Milan to spend the night with Diana's friends before catching a 6:55am flight to Holland. in a very typical italian way, we went out to dinner then had cocktails in an outdoor bar with a garden canopy only to wake up 2 hours later to catch the bus to the airport. tiredness aside, following a weekend in Genova and the sea-side, a Parma Summer Party, Fourth of July/Canada Day festivities, following and cheering the World Cup games, and classes in between - regardless, we're always on the go and up for anything that comes our way, making the most of life. 

sweltering summer.
american- and canadian-ness in italy.
Holland makes it to the Finals! 

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