Sunday, May 2, 2010

meet nora.

my new bike. 

here is a conversation i had with my parents over a long distance phone call on easter sunday:
me: < < describing easter in greece and all the food (and meat and meat and sweets and meat) we ate > >
my parents: maybe you should get a bike so you can have some exercise around Colorno.
me: yeah, i know, but a bike is so expensive, i don't know, i don't mind just running on the street for exercise...
dad: i'll buy you a bike for easter.
me: it's still a lot of euro's, though.
mum in the background: just say yes! just say yes!
me: ok YES thank you !

so, partly or mostly, for my parent's fear of me getting fat while eating, i mean studying, here in Italy, i now have some mobility to get out of Colorno and to see panoramic Italy.

i love it. freedom never felt so free. or so satisfactorily healthy and green!

thank you, john and sheelagh. xoxo.


linds.eats said...

Nora is such a good name! I've often thought that if I ever have a daughter, I would name her that. Now I will be able to say:

"and I named you after a bike. A really pretty white bike."

Kyle said...

i love nora! she will definitely feel at home in Ports too!

Missing you xo