Saturday, May 22, 2010

what i Miss #4

my family. this probably should have been "what i miss #1."

to be completely honest, i'm perfectly content and don't even remember what "what i miss #1" is...but...

i talk to my parents a couple times every day (although it might not be clear who i'm talking to since they have joint accounts of everything) via email, aim, video chat. despite their "busy" (yes in quotations) schedules, i would love them to come visit (remember when you asked me when i wanted you to visit and you suggested: may, june, july, august, september, october, november, and december ? hasn't happened yet!) my brother recently got engaged (congrats!) but i feel far away from helping to plan or be part of the celebrations. mother's day isn't quite the same when you can't express your love through hugs or a home-made meal but instead through a someecard and wait for mum to call internationally instead of the other way around. i love it when my sister calls me, despite the 9-hour time zone differences - i miss the easiness of texting nationally any random thought at any time of the day. i'm soo excited to go to california for her graduation in 20 days, even if it's just for one day (literally, one full day there - the rest is travel time), it's definitely going to be totally worth it to see everyone. since she told me she would literally never talk to me again if i wasn't there, i am fortunate enough to be going at all.

i haven't really felt homesick while being here - a couple times yes - but "homesickness" means more to me as i don't picture myself anywhere else. as much as i absolutely loved living in portsmouth and new york, i can't see myself jumping on a plane right now and moving back there. and as much as i've tried to hint at the fact that i might not want to move back to america, nobody really believes me or takes me seriously. europe makes me happy.
i am though, reminded of "homesickness" as i am constantly thinking that i wish i could share these experiences with my family, making mental notes in my head of places i've been to so that i can remind them to visit (for example: tell chris and beth to honeymoon in corfu, to tell my parents to buy another summer home in lake garda, they must stay at pallavicina when they visit; i want to share everything i've learned with them and for them to taste everything i've tried...) I have a little pile of things i've collected that constantly remind me that i will one day share them with my family - if they haven't expired ha. i know that they would love it all too, i know they would appreciate it as much as i do - but sometimes i wish we could just do it together.

ps this post was inspired by the latest modern family episode - family portrait. amazingly hysterical. brilliant.

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chris said...

I have thought that i wouldn't be surprised if you didn't stay somewhere in europe after finishing up school. weather it be traveling or working. if we had the money and time we would come visit but i'm sure someone will come visit at some point. you could always ask the cousins that would be someone at least. glad you are having fun. you can just make up for all that cooking for the holidays that you miss when you come to visit.