Thursday, May 13, 2010

the little things.

one thing that i noticed about emilia romagna and all of it's flatness, (flatness especially appreciated after our trip to calabria) is the fantastic vast sky. i am constantly impressed, taken aback and in awe of it's beauty. yesterday, for example, on my way back from the grocery store, i spotted this magnificent cloud formation in which i had to take a slight detour to stop to inspect and snap some pictures (still improving my simultaneous bike riding-photography skills). the different shapes, layers, fluffiness of the clouds are so dramatic and diverse. nimbus, cirrus, stratawhaaat. i feel stupid and insignificant. but here are some recent local photos i'd like to share.
how are there so many types of clouds in one sky?
emilia romagna. italian countryside.
the photo's really don't give it justice.
my detour...
up closer...
school and colorno at dusk.

and as i'm walking home from class today, surprised, i feel drops on my arms. i look up and see no clouds - only birds - and am immediately suspicious about what just landed on me. i look down and see drops of rain scattered on the sidewalk. cars drive by with their windshield wipers flapping. but as i look up towards the sky, it's just clear, bright, and blue. typical. italian.

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