Friday, May 21, 2010

Peeing Green.

if our food photography and styling class wasn't canceled due to volcanic ash, this picture could have been a lot prettier. i swear. 

i made asparagus soup on sunday with random ingredients found in the fridge. the chicken broth flavor was a little too strong, it wasn't asparagusy enough and didn't taste as good to when i actually followed a recipe (due to lack of ingredients - only one onion, no leeks, included carrots, and powdered chicken broth instead of veggie). so the next day i bought another bunch of asparagus to add to it. let's just say, i had enough asparagus soup to feed all of colorno. i just finished it yesterday (thursday). it was good cold. it was good with some parmesan cheese grated over it. it was good with a couple quick squirts of lemon. it was good eaten with the ladle straight from the pot. it was good with just a little hot green pepper mixed in. it was good with each spoonful reminding you of spring and how good it is to eat fresh in-season produce. it was especially good with a runny-yolk egg added on top.

according to our nutrition professor, people tend to minimize their egg intake to avoid raising cholesterol blood levels, however, eating foods that are high in cholesterol is not the problem - it is saturated fats that are bad. eggs are often associated with breakfast which (in america) includes bacon and sausage (aka high saturated fat content). but eggs alone and with a whole food, high fiber (aka asparagus) diet is good for you! 

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