Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Perth Highlights

I was so excited that mum was coming to Perth. The last couple weeks, and up to the very last days, I was taking mental notes of places I wanted to show her in order to paint a picture of what my life was like in this little city so far away from home, so far away from anywhere. I was desperate for her to see what I so much liked about it and had written about it's potential and why I had stayed there probably longer than I should have. But at the same time, while showing her around all my favourite and local spots, it was for me, a bit of closure as we went around as she said hello, and I said goodbye. 
We went to Beaufort Street Merchant for breakfast - a typical Aussie toastie with avo
We walked (of course walked) to downtown Perth to where all the art museums are.
Remember making these?? 

Stopped by the open air theatre outside the state library and had a drink at my favourite Pica Bar, just to the left here.
HAD to show mum The Cure, the infamous Irish pub.
Downtown Northbridge.
London Court. 
Showed her my favourite secret in Perth - where I found Wally.
And of course to the one tourist sight...The Swan Bell Towers. 
Downtown's pretty.
The English clock.
Palm trees along the water....
...just make everyone happy.
I do like Perth.
The Swan River. The Swan Bell Towers. 
Urban Paradise.
By the train station, the Urban Garden.
Olive Tree. "you could survive the Hunger Games."
so many different architectural sights. 
just look up. and around. 
my most and least"favourite" morning sight. 
Mum just had to capture what my commute looks like. Usually I'm not smiling... :)
Aussie pride on the way to King's Park.
Looking back on Swan Bells along the river. 
Walking up to Kings Park.
The view of the city from up Mt Eliza. 
mum :)
Even though mum kept saying, "but it's just so far away" I think she did actually like Perth and I am so glad that she did. I was ready to leave and see what else Australia had to offer. After all, everyone always wondered why I liked Perth so much, so I had to see what the rest was like!
I'll miss you Perth. maybe. 

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