Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I Miss #10

I realised once I got to Australia that most of the photos I had first taken to Italy, then to Ireland had ended up in photo frames. Those must have been the good ones. The rest of them came with me to Australia. Not that they aren't good ones. But I knew I had a lot more. But over time, I received generous amounts of mail and postcards and notes from mostly my family which ended up being like photos - pictures from New York and Portsmouth and Ireland of various scenes and places visited. Each one got blue-tacked onto my wall, first in the Frankland winery, then the flat in Perth. Although I just have my backpack, my walls soon become a little bit of home, a little bit of comfort, a little bit of mine to make in this land so far away. 

 and of course my favourite sequence from one of my favourite all time days ever:
so if you want to send me some photos or postcards or mail to stick up on my new walls in my next home, let me know and I'll Gladly give you my address :) :)

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