Monday, August 27, 2012

Sun Rise Camel Ride!!

Words cannot express how fun a sunset camel ride is. I was actually really giddy nervous to go. This wasn't the best part, but it helped: I wasn't allergic! I had fully prepped myself with long clothes and benedryl, but none needed!

the team.
all the camels were once wild before captured. there are about 1 million wild camels in Australia - watch out! 

so calm. 

such long eye lashes!! must be a ryan.

our camel!! cusco - like my fav movie, except it's not quite a llama.

giddy up mum!

and we're lifting off...

desert cowboy.


ships of the desert. i like that. 

mum made a friend.


red dirt feet.


a week later in ireland, mum goes to trivia and is asked what is the named of the camel with two humps? 2 humps: Bactrian. 1 hump: Dromedary.
the sunset.

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