Thursday, August 30, 2012

So after our little stop in the Northern Territory it was time to fly over the rest of the empty Outback and head for the East coast: where the majority of people in Australia know and go. From the beginning of the trip planning, it went from up and down the west coast, across the country in a train, up to the north east and down the entire coast....there were endless possibilities in a limited time frame, a restricted budget, and a huge continent that deceivingly looks quite manageable on a map. So, instead of trying to do everything and go everywhere, it came down to being realistic. I was leaving Perth. Sure there were sights along the way, but ultimately, after mum left, I'd be alone and in need of a new home. Ideally, it would be fantastic if mum could see my new city, as she did in Perth, and help me find a home - it would even help settle her if she knew what I was doing and where I would be! And so, that guided us towards Brisbane.
I like Brisbane. It's energetic, sunny, attractive, walkable, jay-walk free, clean, London-like, San Fran-like, bigger than Perth, open later than Perth, architecturally stimulating, outdoorsy, well-fed, cultural, bustling, dive-y, modern, hippy,'s a place I'd like to go back to and spend more time in. I tried to look for jobs, we went to one messy flat, and I realised that even though I like the city, the capital of Queensland, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is meant for me to live in. 

it was flooded last year in 2011 and there are no signs of any remaining disaster except for numerous flood lines across the city. it's pretty impressive considering some other residing destruction in other cities devastated by flooding catastrophes. 

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