Sunday, August 26, 2012

The drive from Alice Springs to Uluru...

According to Google Maps, it takes 6 hours and 21 minutes to drive the 463 kilometres from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock. As I mentioned before, given the vast enormity of the Outback, this is actually quite close together and why the two are usually clumped together in tourist brochures. The drive is said to be incredibly boring so instead of renting a car and daring the trip, we booked seats on a luxury air-conditioned coach that promised sightseeing along the Stuart Highway including a stop at a camel farm, views of Mount Connor and the West MacDonnell Ranges, cattle stations while be entertained and informed about the area and the history by the bus driver's commentary. And yes, it was very entertaining and informative. 
First stop to break up the long trip was to a camel farm. Why? I'm not really sure....

 all sorts of camel souvenirs!! 
 also had kangaroo's, emu's, dingo's....
 The second stop an hour later was to a petrol station. The third stop after that was to a scenic vista on the side of the road, still 100 kilometres away from our destination. Mount Connor is a mesa that is often confused with Uluru, and although it is equally impressive and actually quite larger, it is the lesser known of the two. The bus driver informed us that this is because the shape of Mount Conner offers less shade and less water which attract both flora, fauna, and people to Uluru.
Mount Connor.
Behind us was a giant salt lake, which is also on the Curtin Springs station.

 mum and the salt lake.

it looks like it might be warm in the desert, but not really!! 

Then it was back on the bus following the very straight, flat road. We did see a wild kangaroo jump out in front of the bus and into the bush!

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