Saturday, August 7, 2010

Killahoey Beach.

facing the sea and facing the dunes.
As well as having warm, cozy fires in August in Ireland, it is also possible to go to the beach. Killahoey is a beautiful beach with the softest sand and a sea of ever changing colours. It's possible to walk along it with a sweater and scarf, the wild winds making the eyes tear uncontrollably, while mad people in wet suits jump in the waves. it's also possible to sit in the hidden, warmly sheltered coves of the sand dunes completely blocked by the wind and soak up the sun. whether it's winter or summer, or it's summer and it feels like winter, Killahoey is breathtaking and is guaranteed to make you smile, make you feel at ease, and makes the rest of the world vanish.

such different skies and colours, but all the same beach, all taken from the same spot. right, behind, in front. 

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