Saturday, August 14, 2010

Labels. Location. What's the Difference?

I wanted to see what the difference was between my 1 euro bag of carrots from Centra and the carrots given to me from the Campbell's backyard garden.

Store Bought:
really crispy with a loud sharp crunchy smack when bitten into. it's very juicy but sort of a watery taste that filled the mouth. it's more noisy than it is flavourful.

Rustic Backyard:
it's harder to bite into, not so sharp and you can feel the woodier layers break. it's still crunchy but not as crisp and the juices fill the mouth with the more-required chewing rather than immediately. it definitely has a heartier carrot flavor that lingers longer.

i'm not very good at describing things. point is: there's a difference. 

i should probably do the same thing with the three different types of eggs i currently have: organic, free range, and from the Campbell's. but i just can't get my mind around cooking three eggs...and then what? eat them all? i think poached would be the best way to taste and try, but poached eggs - i couldn't take a bite of each, have the yoke run out and save them for later....could i?

the Greenfield Foods organic eggs say "organic hens are fed a premium vegetarian diet and are free to nest, forage, perch, and roam over fresh pastures." I guess that means they are free-range if they are free to do all those things. perch. they are stamped with the Approved Organic Standard IOFGA label. Packed for Greenfield Foods in Co. Monaghan.
the Free Range Eggs say "free range eggs are laid by hens that have freedom to roam in a natural environment. carton 100% recycled board. allergen information: contains eggs." ha. what does natural mean? Packed for Centra in Belfast.
Both have a sticker that says Quality Assurance Scheme Board Bia - Irish Food Board approved Quality Process.
Campell's eggs arrived at my doorstep in a plastic bag and wrapped in a couple paper towels, no labels.

all are from ireland. co. monaghan is further away than belfast. i could walk to the campbell's. so, after all this, what IS the difference? which one is best? why do i think about this stuff?? does it matter? i'm not even in class right now!

ps the store bought carrot is the one on the right. 

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C and C said...

I think about these questions too! I feel as though this question is easier to answer in the States, however. My rule of thumb is to eat the one that took the least time to travel to my plate and the one that has been produced by a human. Ever read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle?