Monday, December 3, 2012

Fraser Island Day 2, Night 2

The next day after breakfast, we were back in the car. The two Danish girls actually slept in the car not really being bothered with the drama of the tents.

We went to Eli Creek to "cure our hangovers" according to BRT. It was a long creek with a wooden boardwalk running along the side until it leads to stairs to jump into the water. The water was absolutely freezing cold, but incredibly refreshing and crystal clear - drinkable fresh water too. It had quite a strong current that would just float you down and if you tried to swim back upstream, it was impossible to move anywhere. This might have been my favourite place, just because I was laughing so hard the entire time until I was nearly drowning and choking myself. And I didn't have a camera because we were in the water. We went up and down the creek three times until we decided to dry off and bury Jack in the sand.
*my only picture, more to come via Choloe


We stopped at some wreck that apparently was really luxurious because it had chandeliers and mahogany. We weren't allowed within a metre or three of it.
We took a team photo, which was totally EXTREME.
I took some pretty scenic shots...
 We went back to the fly-fest camp site for lunch and found out that our wraps and heaps of our tomatoes were missing. Who would steal someone else's food when we were all given the same amount, I have no idea, but we made do with what we had. We had plenty of food, to be honest, but it was just a low blow. At first, we blamed the mooch-y American. But later, we joked that it was BRT that kept taking the various missing things from everyone's crates. He never went on any of the excursions with us, it was the most likely explanation. Even a pair of risqué knickers that were by the side of the car one day were missing by the time we got back from our lake visit. really.creepy.
 We then drove along the beach all the way to the north of the island to Indian Head, named so as James Cook first sailed past and the Indians ran to the top of the cliff to see him in 1770. It was a bit of a hike up across the rocks and through the grass and at the top you could see the island from either side and the deep ocean stretching out in front of you. I think it used to be a volcano.

view of the beach we just drove on
this ones for you John & Sheelagh! 
view on the other side.
 It was a bit like Horn Head in a way, being careful not to get blown over and not going to close to the edge.
fines if you go past the signs...
  We made one last scenic stop for the day to Champagne Pools. No one knew why they were called that, but in all honesty, we were a bit beached out. My camera had stopped working so I only have this picture below right now. The Champagne Pools were little pools of salt water that were a bit too cold for my liking on a cloudy afternoon.

 Apparently there was a big storm coming and we could see the forlorn clouds in the distance. Driving in wet sand during a storm, let alone staying in tents, was a bit tortuous to comprehend. So, we were back in the car and headed to a little store on the island where people could pick up more alcohol ($25 for a 6 pack??) ice cream, or whatever they wanted. There were bottles of wine on sale that we thought would be much tastier and classier than boxed goon so we picked up some to share, but really, were we expecting more than vinegar for $8??

We claimed a table outside that night to make our dinner thinking there would be less flies around. We were wrong. It was Asian stir-fry night and our group made a delicious dinner.

The Scottish guy's group had their bag of rice missing, and since we had leftovers and knew what it felt like, I asked them if they wanted ours. They were more than grateful..I think. Unless they stole our wraps!!

Oh, I forgot to mention about the dingos. Yes, there were dingo's about our camp. We were told not to run away from them, but of course there were some girls who screamed and ran the opposite direction. One dingo walked right up to two boys and then circled the camp until a guide started to yell at it to scat. You could see them in the dark background, but they didn't pose any danger to us, but still, we always had a Dingo Buddy to walk with to the bathrooms or to the tents or anywhere. Kyle and Jack found two people passed out in the woods and went to tell BRT but he didn't care about any dingo danger at all and laughed, telling them to just leave them there. That's how we became Team Hero. Also, on our second night, a new group had arrived and the boys walked by their camp site saying, "I can't believe they are going to let them camp there after that dingo incident last night....!" So a lot of dingo scares and lectures for nothing.
I couldn't handle hearing this song.

The night, we played Ring of Fire. It.Was.Amazing. And some clapping hand signal I had absolutely no coordination for. 

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