Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Weekend in Australia: Surfers Paradise.

After Michal left, I had one weekend left in Brisbane. In Australia really. It was a really peculiar sensation that I don't think I ever actually came to terms with. I just seemed to be going through the motions, trying to absorb it all without realising what I would be leaving behind, except fully aware that I would be leaving summer to go back to winter. Jonny came home from work one day saying that he was invited to go to the Gold Coast for the weekend - Surfers Paradise specifically. As I had spent enough time in Brisbane and didn't want to over stay my welcome, I had thought about going there for the weekend anyways so it worked out that we would have one last weekend together and C & J could see more of the country. Funny how some things just work out so perfectly! I had talked up Paul's Backpackers Big Night out bar crawl a lot - I really should do their marketing or be one of those girls that sign up suckers on the street - which excited C & J and Paul said he could see if he could get a deal for them. We booked a bus down for Friday night and were on our way. 

28th floor.

 Friday was usually Paul's day to himself, when he could do absolutely nothing, but he met up with us after he finished work and we had finished our little bout of shopping and sightseeing around Surfers. I was still desperate for some Christmas presents and still empty-handed. Instead of a night of Breaking Bad and Philly, Paul invited us around to his place in the Q1 building and promised us a night out on the town.
coastal sunset views from the tallest building.
  He always joked that I lucked out with my first and only couch surfing experience as I got to - a couple times - stay in the nicest building in Surfers and go on bar crawls for absolutely nothing. I would respond, yes this is very true, but more importantly, I think about the friend I made from my first and only couch surfing experience. And Paul could say nothing more to that except to agree by smiling.
 Once again, I was absolutely thrilled that I could introduce my friends to my friends and they not only got along really well, but really liked each other. I couldn't have been happier.
I just had such a fun weekend, with had my camera in my hand, so please forgive all the photos that I want to share. There's not much to say, except for giggles and smiles and the pictures to prove it.

My friends are mad talented...
My friends can dance.
My friends are strong and cute.

My friends are good looking.
They are really good at hat stealing (like me) and dancing (unlike me).
My friends have the cutest relationships. 

My friends like to eat Skittles that are free in the bar and give them away to rando's who trust us enough to eat them out of our hands.

The following day was spent wandering around the shops and stores, uselessly, again. As much as I was looking forward to going home for Christmas, I couldn't get in the holiday spirit. Maybe it was the 30degree weather, or the fact that I was wearing shorts and t-shirts for as long as I could remember, or that the beach was just a block away. None of the stores seemed to have anything that would be deemed worthy of bringing back as even souvenirs, let alone Christmas gifts. So, I did what I usually do, and am best at: I went to eat. I went to my favourite little Thai place I had been to before that was down a little alley way and had a huge plate of spicy veggie pad see eww noodles that I couldn't resist eating the entire dish - even though the two big lads next to me didn't finish their meals...
Saturday night ultimately came and it was time to round up the backpackers. Time for my last night out before the last of the good-bye's. I couldn't have asked for a better night. 

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