Thursday, December 20, 2012

X Factor in Brisbane.

Carly and I were walking into the city centre one day when we heard screams. Screams that came in waves like voices on a roller coaster. As we wandered down the pedestrian mall, the screams got louder and we could see a swarm of people - mostly teeny bopper girls. "It must be Jason Bieber" I murmered to Carly. Two seconds later, a guy behind us repeated the same thing.
It was however, after a couple of staring from standing on a bench and not recognizing anyone in the crowd, we asked the person next to us who said it was a group from X Factor. I remember watching X Factor in Melbourne and remembered that some of the contestants who didn't make it into the single finals were made into a boy band group by Ronan Keating.
They looked familiar after that, but still hadn't heard any of their songs and wondered how terrible it must be to have to work their way through this crowd of screaming, grasping girls in the sweaty heat of the day.

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