Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rainbow Beach, again.

We had another night on Rainbow Beach as part of our package deal. We said goodbye to the two Danish girls who weren't staying at the same hostel - we aren't exactly sure how they got into our group haha - and desperately rushed to find a shower, to check in, and do some laundry. Each car was given two jugs of beer to share at the hostel bar and instead of the live music that night there was karaoke with free jugs of beer for the first 5 to sign up. We weren't first, or fifth, but we definitely had our fair share of stage time and would have continued singing if the DJ didn't end the night. More laughs. More pictures. More laughs. It was a sad farewell, honestly, to say goodbye to Choloe and Jack the next day and then to Kyle who was also heading to Airlie Beach, and then Inken, Lovina and I were on an overnight bus together to Airlie Beach. It wasn't exactly the end to Team Hero, but it would never be the same. xx
Couples dance.


What a group! 

Typical Kyle Pose.

Jack and Stephen, one of the Scottish blokes, singing Paradise by the Dashboard. Jack didn't know the song, but sang it as though he was MeatLoaf. 

Inken bravely sang a solo song,
so nimble.
  too funny. 

We were Simply The Best.
And more laughs :) 

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