Monday, December 10, 2012

Mission Beach: Rescued Animal Sanctuary and a Wildlife Tour.

showing off. 
In Mission Beach the hostel was quiet, but they had activities planned for each day. The first one I signed up for was a $5 donation to go see a Wallaby rescue house. The girl at reception sold it to me when she said we had the chance to hold the baby wallabies. The woman who rescued them was a bit nuts, but really passionate about her animals and saving them. She had the cutest wallabies and a kangaroo that each had their own pillow case pouches, which they would just jump and crawl right into them ever so naturally.
She would fling them about in the pouches, swinging and swirling, as though it were the same motions as the mother hopping about. There was one wallaby that was only 2 months old and when she rescued it, it was like 2 inches big and couldn't even open its eyes yet. SO tiny.

 The others would hop about, very curious and friendly, coming put to smell us and lick us. Pooped and peed where ever they wanted. They were very clean animals, always licking themselves but not their butts like cats do, she said.

If a dingo is chasing them near the water, they jump into the water, get up onto their tails, lean over the dingo until the bubbles stop and bounce off, victorious.

 she liked my smell and my bag.

We were allowed to hold them in the pouch, but had to hold them close and hug them securely to make them feel safe.

view from my lap.
showing off the little baby.

She also had a python which luckily growled at her when she tried to take it out of the cage,
so instead brought out a blue tongued lizard, was really cool actually and the tongue was striking blue!

she also had st andrew spiders on her wall which were black and yellow like bumble bees and so venomous looking but not dangerous at all, just eating all the mozzies.

She feeds them liquid formula from a tin that costs $30 so she appreciated our donations. Call 1300-animal if you ever see an animal in danger.

I'm so maternal. I obviously have no idea how to feed the wallaby properly and looks as though I am choking it.
the little one snug as a bug in a woolie cap to keep warm. he just wanted to play with the others.
best friends.
see how tiny he is compared to her hand! 

It was pouring rain and humid, very tropical paradise-like, absolutely pissing rain, but there was another free tour to go to a conversation site and see cassowaries and wallabies. We only saw wallabies. A lot of them, actually, which the farmers wanted to shoot so they could develop the land but the rescue woman was creating a petition against it. They were everywhere in Mission Beach really, and apparently a pest eating the grass, but oh so cute…

They would stare at us until we got too close and they would hop frantically away. One of them ran right under the barbed wire fence, but immediately stopped on the other side of it as though he knew the fence was a protective barrier we wouldn't cross. 

Spotted along 

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