Monday, December 3, 2012

Fraser Island, Day 3

  On the last day of Fraser Island, we had our leftover breakfast foods and fruit and got back into the cars. We drove and drove and drove until we reached an entrance on the side of the beach.
 BRT told us that we had to walk for 2 kilometres, about 40 minutes, until we reached a giant sand dune that would lead us to another fresh water lake where we could sunbathe and swim for 40 minutes and then walk back another 40 minutes. We all moaned and groaned about having to walk for 2 kilometres, just out of pure laziness as we were used to be driven to each of the destinations previously. At first the walk had a lot of stairs, and especially with the heat of the sun, I wasn't sure I would make it with my knee. But the sand path evened out and it was just like a brisk walk through the forest - constantly with one eye on the look out for goanas, dingos and spiders of course.
 We thought we had arrived when we reached the sand dune which was blaring white expanse in the sun, a quick glimpse of the ocean behind it, and we walked down the dune that lead to the water. We were told not to run into the water and dive because we would immediately die the way the sand turns under the water. 
 There were already a lot of people in the water and along the sand, and as we dropped our stuff off, the water was really crisp and refreshing. It did however slope into deeper darker water, I think about 14 meters, but I stayed safely towards the edge. Again, I didn't have my camera, but will always just remember the laughing. Kyle, Jack, and Choloe played "chicken nugget" which entails getting out of the water soaking wet, climbing up the dune, rolling down and collecting all the sand onto you until you literally look, and feel, like a crumbed chicken nugget. One group of guys were flinging and throwing people off of their arms into the water, we tried quite unsuccessfully. We sharked, quite famously successfully. 
 Nobody wanted to leave, and, no one knew exactly what time we were meant to be back at - subtract 40 minutes - as BRT wasn't particularly good at maths. Furthermore, no one wanted to climb back up that hot sand dune. We eventually did, of course, slowly but surely as though we were Space Balls trekking through the desert with towels on our heads and no one talking, only silently sweating and imagining mirages. 

There was a sign opposite of the way we came in that said parking lot 1 kilometre, but no, we had to walk the two. 

white white hot hot sand sand

Choloe and Jack got in the way of my scenic picture :)

 We stopped in one of the towns where there was a hostel/resort and a little shop and cafe to have the remains of our lunch and to clean out the coolers. It was so incredibly hot, we were sweating just sitting there. Finally it was time to go back for the ferry. We drove and drove and drove the length of the beach, dodging waves and in between rocks, calling out WILDLIFE whenever we saw a bird on our island adventure.

 The smooth motion of the car along the sand, the lack of sleep from camping, and the after effects of the sun made everyone drowsily fall asleep in the car occasionally waking for water splashing in through the windows or a big bump across a perpendicular creek leading to the ocean. I couldn't fall asleep in the back row of the car, too reminiscent of rolling over suddenly with every car movement, so I silently kept Jack company as he drove us safely back. 
On the barge we saw a dolphin!!
"Chum: Dolphins, yeah! They think they're so cute. "Oh, look at me, I'm a flippy little dolphin, let me flip for you. Ain't I something?" 

It really was a fantastic trip, because of the people, but I will never be able to express it enough in words, nor would anyone else find it funny but Team Hero and Horsefly really set a high standard for tours and people to come. 

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