Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whitsundays Day 3 and back in Airlie Beach

The last morning was another early morning. People moving around the boat, coming in from sleeping outside, breakfast getting together in the kitchenette, the anchor being lifted and the motor warming up, and of course, the bright sun beaming in. On top of that, they told us that it was time for a dive or a snorkel. No way I thought. Not this early. I had my fair share of snorkeling and was quite proud with myself and my bravery. Don't laugh. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who felt that way and a couple of us stayed on the boat. Looking at where they went diving, I was glad that I didn't because the water looked really choppy, they looked like they were in Very Deep Water, and with the wind, the current was apparently quite strong.
tell me this looks snorkel-appetising....
We did see a couple incredibly large sea turtles from the boat though. We were told not to get our cameras out, not for the privacy of the turtles, but because by the time we did the turtle would be gone. Quite true. For being so enormous, they are mighty agile.
When the snorkelers came back, they said that they had seen the turtles and that it was the best site of the trip. Can't miss what you don't know!
looks like a fun place to get stranded. 
The rest of the day was spent on the boat going back to shore. We sat in the front of the boat basking in the sun, concluding and reflecting on the enjoyment of the trip, and exchanging Facebook/email details.
When we got back on Saturday, we had an after party at the Down Under bar which included a $10 meal and a drink. A few of us had planned to meet up at Magnums beforehand and then head over. It's quite funny how you can get to know people so well after spending just 2 nights, 3 days with them, all day all night. Inken and Lovina, from  the Fraser Island trip, were also at the same bar for their after party and we had our own mini reunion with Kyle too who I had run into on the street and invited him along before he had to leave for his overnight bus. Team Hero, reunited, almost. Again, it was goodbye, this time for real. At least for Australia...Canada, Germany - until next time. It was a fun night, to say in the very least.

reserved for Powerplay!
Manuella and Kevin - thanks for the room! x

Me and Sweden. 

 Lovina and Inken <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Team Hero reunited, sorta.
me and Sophie! 

I stayed in Airlie Beach for a couple more days. I liked it there and I had absolutely no plans whatsoever. Chris and Sophie were staying for another 2 days and Manuella and her boyfriend had booked to stay until Wednesday but their flight changed and had to leave on Monday morning so they gave me their room for 2 nights - a double room to myself for 2 nights for free!!!! I was definitely staying for that!

The next day I met Sophie at the lagoon - there is no beach in Airlie Beach. Apparently it's composed of sharp sea shells so they created a refreshing lagoon to swim in and bathe beside. I didn't have any accomodation for the night and had planned on couch surfing. He was a local and stopped by the hostel to say hi while I was waiting for my laundry - he and his friend seemed ok! Later, Sophie and I met up with Chris and his friend at the hostel bar for a voucher of free drinks. We were tired and undecisive about the night, but we sat down at a table next to a bunch of guys who invited us over to sit with them. They were Aussie and Kiwi's and worked on the boats. To be nice, working on boats makes you a bit crazy. One of the guys said he knew my couch surfer and didn't particularly like him so I ended up staying with Sophie anyways. There was a free BBQ at the hostel - and by free BBQ of course I mean a sausage, some grilled onions, and a slice of white bread. We ended up having a really funny night that involved, me the one-move dancer, learning Sophie's one dance move.
 new dance move.
 this is too funny.
 I'm surprised I didn't steal this.
 New friends!
When you go to a place called Mama Africa, there will be a tiger.

The next day was spent at the lagoon until we couldn't handle any more sun and I moved into my own double room! Now, it wasn't exactly a luxurious room, very basic, but it was my own! and free! It had a double bed, AC AND a fan, a fridge, a mirror (!), a kettle, and a cupboard with plates and cutlery. That was luxurious to me. I think I slept till 12:30 the next day. However, the following night, as I poorly ate my $1 noodles, there was a GIANT and I mean GINORMOUS cockroach in my room. My tolerance for bugs has grown exponentially since I worked at the vineyard, but this thing, poking its colossal antennas out from behind the cupboard, near the bed's headboard where I was meant to lay my head to sleep, was the reason I couldn't sleep until 4am and had to sleep at the other end of the bed. Even though I didn't want to kill it, I tried to squish it with my shoe. But it was too beefy to be crushed by a shoe. No joke.
Sophie had sadly left so I had spent the day productively trying to figure out where to go and what to do. I can't say it was exactly spontaneous, but everyone recommended it saying it was worth the money, so I think somewhere in the back of my head I knew it's what I wanted to do. But, I had to stay for another night. 

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