Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a very small world.

AHHH how could i forget!! when we were standing in line for the bathroom, there was a bulletin board with photographs of previous student groups that had visited the Azienda Agricola agriRiggio. just randomly glancing at the pictures i see this familiar face and i exclaim to arina, "it's marcos mele!" her jaw dropped as she looked at the photograph and indeed, confirmed that it must be him. this is the kid from kalambaka, greece who's nice italian family who gave us a tour in their car up the mountains to see the monastaries and then so kindly invited us to go with with them the next day and we tiredly but politely declined. it was a hilarious, chance encounter to see this small face in the photograph.

the little kid on piggyback on the right hand side of the photo. you can't miss that darling goofy grin and his gawky innocence.

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