Thursday, November 15, 2012

a dinner in Sydney.

If you are in Sydney, and you like meat, go to Braza Churrascaria. Take a stroll around Darling Harbour at dusk, grab yourself a seat at one of the outdoor bars and sip on a beverage as the sun sets over the city. Then wander over to the restaurant nice and hungry, gorge yourself on all you can eat meat and sides. 
For $47 all inclusive, in the typical Brazilian style, waiters walk around with skewers of meat that they shave right onto your plate. They give you tongs to hold onto the meat to help pull it off. They give you a little wooden toy so the waiters know turned upside, green means serve me or turned down, red means I'm taking a break. They give you a menu to know what possible skewers might come around, but you end up wanting to try them all and take seconds on the ones you like. They are willing to be in photos with you.
The menu (copied from the website) offers these skewers: 

Picanha – Rump Cap
Costela – Beef Rib
Fraldinha – Thick Flank
Maminha – Tri-Tip 
Cupim – Hump 
Noix – Scotch Fillet 
Picanha c/ Alho – Garlic Rump Cap

Linguiça – Sausage

Coração de Frango – Chicken Hearts
Coxinha da Asa – Chicken Drumettes 
Sobre Coxa – Chicken Thigh
Frango c/ Bacon – C. Breast w/ Bacon 

Costelinha de Porco – Pork Ribs
Paleta de Porco – Pork Neck
Pernil de Porco – Pork Leg
Pancetta - Pork Belly 

Pernil de Carneiro – Lamb Leg
Alcatra de Carneiro – Lamb Rump
Costela de Carneiro – Lamb Ribs 

Camarão – Prawns
Peixe do Dia – Fish of the day 

Queijo – Cheese
Abacaxi – Pineapple
Pão de Alho – Garlic Bread

At one point during the meal, here is my plate. I know the little things in the front with the holes in them are the chicken hearts. To the left is the pork belly. Above that the bones from ribs. And the meat to the right is possibly anything. We ordered side dishes of rocket salad, chilies, cassava chips, and kale/broccoli sauté. You want more? Order more. 

Not being a big meat eater (at least anymore) I can say that I really enjoyed all the different types of meats, the marinades, and they were all cooked perfectly but I managed to not over indulge myself and appreciated the experience for what it is. What a fun night. 

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