Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mic Comes to Surfers Paradise!

Mic and I were reunited and it was like we never left each other. The laughing ensued. We took advantage of some free wi fi access, were touristy at Hard Rock Cafe, supported Movember, then went to have a bbq with the guys I met in Sydney, then went to have a late night dance party with Paul and his friends. It was really random, but really fun.

 Free food, proper wine, new friends.
 The following day we checked into the QT Hotel and ohmygoodness was that a lapse of luxury! It was very retro, hip, modern, clean, funky. The views were exactly what you would expect from Surfers Paradise, surveying the pool below and overlooking the ocean in front.

view looking out
view looking in.
They even allowed you to make your own fresh lemonade!
 There were price lists amongst the room selling everything that was in the room, from the mini bar to the flip flops to the phone. Anything could be bought. Mic "liked" the hotel on Facebook and wrote, "how much does the air cost in the room, I don't see it on the shop!" They actually responded and said, "we hope you are joking" and she responded that we were having such a good time that we just wanted to bring home the high the hotel was giving us...too funny. It was really hard to leave the room, the full length mirror, the great big comfy bed, the hair dryer, all these things that just seemed so luxurious. And to say goodbye to Mic again. I'm really glad that Mic came up to Surfers Paradise and I'm really glad that I couch surfed with Paul. They both really made me change my mind on the place and will look back on it with fondness rather than just a place I visited. 

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