Tuesday, November 27, 2012


After our Nimbin trip, Mic and I decided we wanted one more day in Byron Bay. We needed a day to figure out where we were each heading next. We had to change rooms though and could only stay for one more night as Saturday night was fully booked. Our next room was a 4 person mixed dorm and we shared it with an Australian guy up in Byron for a weekend holiday. We had a balcony over looking the hostel courtyard which was nice, but there were goon stains on the carpeted floor and cake on the walls. Mic and I were sitting in the common room when our new room mate came over with his friends. I don't know why I took a picture of what they were drinking and eating as I could barely stomach the look of it, or even stay at the table without my stomach convulsively turning. But this, I learned from Byron Bay, is what all the backpackers were carrying around and drinking. Goon. Goon is cheap boxed wine. These guys had "splurged" so they said, on butterscotch schnapps as well. I thought maybe they would add it to the goon, to make it sweeter, but no, they would take a shot of pure sugar and chase it with the goon. I can barely even continue to write this. But this post is just to show you what drinking cheaply in Australia means. One box typically contains 4.5 litres of wine.  If you want to binge on a premium boxed wine for a couple more dollars, it is only 2 litres. 

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