Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I've Learned From Hostel Life #1

  • Buy shower flip flops
  • Everyone feels entitled to the room they paid for: they can make as much noise as they please and come and go whenever
  • A long quiet zip is worse than a quick loud one.
  • Make a curtain with your towel for some bunk bed privacy
  • Best thing: Sleeping cocoon
  • Not everyone knows each other, but everyone is in the same position and same mind set. Even if they have a travel partner they probably welcome a new person to talk to more than ever.
  • A double ensuite room in a hostel is just like a hotel room but heaps cheaper. And you can meet loads of people in the common areas and still have plenty of hotel-like amenities. Consider that next time you travel and think hostels are just for backpackers.
  • Take advantage of the planned daily/nightly activities, even if free BBQ means a slice of white bread and a sausage, but travel trivia could win you a skydive or surf lessons
  • Get used to: "Where are you from?" "Going north or south?" "Traveling or on holiday?"
  • The difference in $1 a night isn't that big of a deal for an "upgrade" aka less dorm beds
  • Feet smell.
  • Girls are not necessarily less messy or cleaner.
  • Couples don't necessarily want to be left alone.
  • You don't have to be friends with everyone
  • It is possible to stay in a hostel without paying.
  • Look out for cake on the walls and goon in the carpet.
  • A confirmation email doesn't guarantee a bed.
  • Eye masks and ear plugs. 
  • Cockroaches = not a very good night's sleep...


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