Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bondi Beach

When people think of Australia, or Sydney, they think of Bondi Beach. That's even where dad said we would celebrate Christmas as they were thinking of coming over for a visit. I'm not sure why it's so popular.  It has it's own TV show. Maybe it's because it's a beach close to the city and I can imagine how hot it must get in the summertime that not everyone can get away to nicer beaches. It reminded me a bit of the beaches in southern England with the colourful houses lining the coast, the little shops along the esplanade - ok maybe that doesn't sound very English or very different to any other beach, but just the look of it was very reminiscent. Jason and I sat on the beach to soak in a bit of the warmth of the sun, but there weren't many surfers about and we didn't see anyone in need of any rescue. Apparently in the summer the beach is just full-on pale-to-tan-shoulder-packed, so I suppose even though I didn't get the "full experience" of Bondi Beach, it was quite nice to see the other side of it without being completely overwhelmed and irritated by so many sunbathers. 
Bondi Iceberg Club/Hotel.
I want to go swimming here! How cool is this pool? Ocean waves just crashing over the side. Looked freezing, but so fun! Bondi Baths:
Saw my first wild Australian crocodile along the coastal walk...
And a kangaroo with a shopping cart...collecting shells.
There were swimming plastic utensils in the sand.
Bondi has a bit of a sense of humour.
"Weight pulls me down, strength pulls me up."
Little colourful creatures live in the rocks.
Fishing rods. Ok these were all part of the annual Sculpture by the Sea that goes from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach. 
So I suppose that's Bondi Beach. It's only a kilometre long whereas many other beaches in Australia stretch for miles along the coast (ok to be fair, it could be just one stretch of sand only broken up by various names of beaches.) It's not the whitest, softest sand. It doesn't even have the best waves for surfing. But, it is apparently where the first bikini in Australia was seen (or so I've read) and in Aboriginal Bondi means the sound of breaking waves, which I quite like.  

meanwhile, Jason is taking pictures of himself at Bondi and then of me, contemplating the fascination with the place. 

Check that one off the list. 

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