Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Byron Bay Bonfire.

it's funny how you meet people. apparently one of the key cards to the room wasn't working so the maintenance guy came to check it out. I followed him down the hallway from the bathroom and he walked straight to my all-female dorm. 
I said, "I have a key if you want to get in."
"Try it to see if it works."
It worked. Then all he said was, 
"What's your name? We're having a bonfire on the beach tonight if you want to come." 

So, a complete stranger invited us to a bonfire on the beach and of course we wouldn't say no! He had gathered a large group of people from the hostel to meet, everyone speaking different languages, some people who worked in the hostel, some people who knew each other. He led us to the beach in the dark, but not before one of the guys in the group invited this crazy, drunk, woman to join us. "And that's why you don't bring Billy with you," someone muttered. This woman was for sure off her rocker.  We walked onto the dark beach, barely able to see who we were talking to let alone see where we were going! Suddenly, from behind one of the dunes a fire was blazing. We sat around the bonfire as it highlighted our faces and chatted with the people around us. The crazy woman was trying to get drinks off anyone she saw that had extra bottles, was bumming smokes of others, yelling for Billy until finally, like a beached whale, she collapsed, or passed out, face down in the sand. Only occasionally would she roll over and yell for Billy, the blonde haired boy. Just from word of mouth, people came and went from the bonfire as they pleased, no one not really knowing each other but getting to know each other. The English guys came to meet us, and we just laughed under the stars.

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