Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manly Beach

Jason didn't really like Manly Beach. The beach filled up with youngsters waking up from a night out and chatting loudly enough next to us that we were having our own adjacent conversation based off of theirs. He said that no one on his beach at home would ever sit so close to one another, invading your personal sunbathing space. This wasn't even technically summer yet. 

 He finally caught on that I was giving the finger looking grumpy to show our distaste for Manly Beach. It wasn't that bad.

It was actually the first place where I actually felt this is "Australian"...from what you've seen on TV (more than Bondi) and what you think of when you think of Australia. The pedestrian esplanade was filled with beachy bars, restaurants and surf shops. Everyone was walking around in swimmers with towels and thongs (flip flops. Apparently New Zealanders call them jangles. That sounds way too like jeggings for me). Lots of young people with sun-bleached hair and surfers bravely collapsing into the waves and getting back up again. 

 We had driven to Manly Beach that morning and then left the beach in time to get the ferry to the Sydney Harbour to see the city from a different perspective. It was a beautiful ride as the skyline appeared with the sun slowly setting behind it. It was one of those views where you just can't stop taking pictures, wanting to capture every moment, at the right angle, every one slightly different as the sun cast different shadows, yet none of the pictures can quite captivate what you are witnessing.
 We had a prime spot at the front of the boat and Jason played paparazzi for some solo travellers trying to get a shot of themselves with the skyline in the background.

 Sydney's Icons. 
 I thought this photo was so funny: this woman was smiling and posing for a photo that her partner was meant to be taking of her. But he was obviously obliviously distracted by something else across the harbour that she eventually stopped smiling and looked off. Poor lady.
 Can you see the people at the top of the bridge in between the two flags??? I couldn't afford to climb it.  It probably would be amazing, and such a thrilling experience, but maybe some other time.
 When w got off the ferry, we sat in Circular Quay to have a drink as the sun set. It was definitely a touristy spot, for obvious reasons, but definitely worthy of the views and we had a prime table. We intentionally missed a couple ferries back to Manly Beach where the car was just so we could see the night change the city.
 I wonder who's going to a show tonight at the Opera House. Again, another time for me :) Who wants to be my date?

 We finally got back on the ferry for the 30 minute trip to Manly to have some dinner and we had a kinda-long drive back to Jason's house north of Sydney in the dark.
 If you're in Sydney, definitely take the ferry to and from Manly, preferably at dusk :)

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